++Zoom/Image field resize
-Can't move the view around with the scrollbars, which have unexpected output values while dragging them around
++Resize simulation, (previously hard-coded settings would determine total simulation size)
+Genetic Mutation option, percent chance to cause x Hue mutation among any born cell
+Save PNG - Screenshot the field, saved to the application's folder
-Max speed sometimes tanks to 75ms for some reason, but I can't consistently trigger it :/
-Bug: Resize sim dialog won't appear a second time.

+Color selection improvement
+Grid display option, with color
+Cell color based on age of cell and lineage of cell's family added
+Population counter
+Able to spawn a glider (sw bound only)
+Border option "Alive": Every cell outside the boarder is alive
+Max speed of simulator back to ~23ms a cycle

+Cycle average timer added, allowing much greater understanding of which settings hog up resources
+B/S strings now able to be read, allowing much quicker adding of new quick selections, and potentially a quick input for users in the future.
+Each setting that was created/researched elsewhere is linked to articles about those rulesets.
+Border Cell options added:
  Dead - default, nothing is born outside, nothing exist outside
  Always Random - whenever an outside of bounds cell's state is requested, it is randomly decided. A single cell may report different states to different requesting cells
  Peace Treaty - Whenever a dead cell only sees other dead cells in bounds, the "Dead" rules are followed. Whenever any cell sees at least 1 living cell in bounds, the "Always Random" rules apply.
  Toroidal Array - World Wrap, straight across
--Max speed of simulator went from ~23ms a cycle to ~76ms a cycle (test of 3 wide blinker on otherwise blank board)

+Early implementation of Neighbor rule group selection
+UI now split based on task (Rules, Display, Create, Load/Save)
Cells are 2px wide in this version, causing a much larger simulation ground.

++Valid neighbor selection added
++Born/Survive count options added
+Single step option
+Cells now contribute to this step instead of waiting a step to step in >.>
+Clear board option added
+Generation count display
-Lag spike still exist.

++Cells can be added, color via drop down list
-Cells added visually to this step, but are not applied until next step
+Cycle top speed much better,
  -but every ~40 cycles hits a lag spike (every empty cell is getting redrawn)
+Debris can decay, optional
+Debris initial amount option

+Colored cells follow B3/S23 rules.
-So slow.
-Colors can get muddy quickly.
-Can't add cells.
+Cells leave debris
-debris can't decay.

Links to awesome things of this subject matter:
Golly - "Golly is an open source, cross-platform application for exploring Conway's Game of Life and other cellular automata." I likely won't ever be able to match their speeds of simulation. They also have circuit simulations.
Wikipedia - Life-like Cellular Automaton